What Not to Say in an Email to a Prospective Employer

by Kristen Pavón

I know job searching can get frustrating and time-consuming — so, I thought I’d pass along this instructional and hilarious story from a Chicago blogger about the email missteps she has made.

Her first piece of advice? Don’t send an email to a prospective employer while sick with a cold and sleep deprived (I have to agree with her on this one… Wait it out or have someone else proofread for you before sending!).

Dear Readers:

Do not let this happen to you.  Never, and I mean ever, apply for a job at dawn with a cold and little sleep because you might mess up and never get the job.

Here is but one example, if you will.

Dear Serge:

It is essential that you hire me to write for your publication.  I grew up in the area, have a love for the community, which is why I moved back from LA, and I like to write.

Aside from one theatre review, most of my work has been in the opinion genre, though I am interested in branching out.  For now, the links to the following clips will tell you more about who I am and what I can do for your online publication.

Thanks and I will call in about a week for your thoughts or to set up a time to meet.


What was I thinking?  “It is essential that you hire me?” . . .

Most recently, I emailed an editor and told him that I liked his video about “growing a bear,” and that the accompanying Irish music made me want to do a “jog.”  After I hit send, I reread it and realized that it is impossible to grow a bear as they can grow themselves and that the Irish music wouldn’t make me want to do a jog but a jig.

You can read the rest here.

Moral of the story? Read your message through three times, then read it backwards twice before hitting “send.”

Do you have any email horror stories? Care to share? 😉

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