@!*&% at work? Just come to D.C!

So, you’re done (or almost done!) with the bar. Feel free to come join us in D.C. to let out all your frustration; you’ll be right at home. Politico reports that D.C. leads the nation in cursing at work:

The District is first in the nation when it comes to swearing at work, with 62 percent of employees confessing to cussing on the job, according to a CareerBuilder.com survey.

Of all respondents, 51 percent said they swear at work.

“The majority of those (95 percent) said they do so in front of their co-workers, while 51 percent cuss in front of the boss,” the survey notes. “Workers were the least likely to use expletives in front of senior leaders (13 percent) and their clients (7 percent).”

A potty mouth may not be entirely without consequence, however; 57 percent of the survey respondents said that they’d be less likely to promote a swearer.

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