Job o’ the Day: Law Student Intern at the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services!

The General Counsel’s Office of the Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) is seeking law students to function as legal interns to provide legal support for the Commonwealth’s Medicaid program, known as MassHealth, and other EOHHS programs.

The interns will perform a wide range of complex legal activities associated with the development, implementation and administration of EOHHS and MassHealth policies and programs, and other health care and related initiatives, under the supervision of attorneys.  The positions will be available beginning September 2012.

EOHHS is the Commonwealth’s largest secretariat and is responsible for developing, coordinating and managing the Commonwealth’s health, welfare and human services operations and programs.  EOHHS administers MassHealth — the cooperative state and federal Medicaid program that provides health care benefits and premium assistance for uninsured families, disabled individuals, children, long-term unemployed adults, and seniors.

The General Counsel’s Office functions as EOHHS’ in-house counsel. The legal support provided by the General Counsel’s office consists, in general, of: (i) providing risk analysis and advice concerning applicability of and compliance with all federal and state provisions that may affect ongoing activities and new initiatives, whether involving policy matters, operational issues or spending activities – such risk analysis includes assisting clients in formulating creative problem resolutions and strategies; (ii) maintaining a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of state and federal laws related to Medicaid, state finance and appropriations, and public procurements; (iii) identifying the need for, and assisting in the drafting of, new legislation, regulations and sub-regulatory interpretive material; (iv) reviewing and drafting requests for proposals, contracts, interagency service agreements, and related procurement documents; and (v) representing, and/or assisting the Attorney General’s office in representing, the agency in appeals from administrative decisions and other litigation.

Find out how to apply at PSLawNet!

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