Job o’ the Day: Policy Associate – California Criminal Justice Reform Campaign

San Francisco! There are certainly worse places to live.  Check out our Job o’ the Day:

The California Criminal Justice Reform Campaign is a new, multi-year criminal justice reform campaign to reduce California’s costly over-reliance on incarceration. The intent of this effort is to engage a broad cross section of the public to question the use of limited public dollars on costly incarceration instead of more effective approaches to public safety, and to create an initiative grounded in strategic partnerships to reduce the number of lower-risk people incarcerated in California prisons and jails and make smarter investments of public dollars.

In order to substantially reduce levels of incarceration and free public dollars for other public expenditures, the campaign will work to promote sentencing reform and advance other systemic policy reform at the state level and in target counties. The Campaign will also work to expand the use of alternatives to incarceration, including community-based supervision, drug treatment, mental health treatment, community service, workforce development, and other evidence-based practices and to reduce the re-incarceration of formerly incarcerated individuals for probation and parole violations.

Housed as a project of Tides Center, the campaign is supported by several local and national donors seeking to support more justice and rational criminal justice policies. The campaign is expected to last at least 3 to 5 years. To our knowledge, this is the first time a sustained criminal justice reform effort of this size, scope and duration has been created in California.

The Policy Associate will be responsible for engaging in extensive policy and data research and analysis, producing reports and briefings, and supporting the outreach and community engagement strategies of the campaign. The Policy Associate will engage with criminal justice experts, Sacramento legislative offices’ staff, allied organizations, and various local and state criminal justice agencies, among others. It is envisioned that the Policy Associate will support overall campaign strategy development and work collaboratively with the campaign team on a daily basis.

View the full listing on PSLawNet (login required).

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