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Job o’ the Day: Attorney Internships (with possibility of permanent employment) with the Eviction Defense Network in LA!

While this opportunity is unpaid, there is a possibility of permanent employment after the internship training. Check it out —

Eviction Defense Network (EDN) is a network of trial lawyers founded in 2003 that advocates for tenants. EDN is dedicated to defending the right to affordable housing and ensuring access to justice in housing matters to tenants in Los Angeles County. EDN is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides legal assistance and representation to tenants facing eviction.

Eviction Defense Network (EDN) is be expanding its services starting with a two-month training opportunity for four attorneys.

From January 28, 2012 through March 30, 2012, EDN is offering a training opportunity with possible salaried positions at the conclusion of the two-month training.

This is a two-month unpaid Internship Program for attorneys interested in then applying for 4 possible job openings at the conclusion of the training.

The training starts with a half day orientation on January 13, 2011 and 1 full day of classroom training on January 14 (Saturday).

Is this position for you? Find out how to apply at PSLawNet!

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Job o’ the Day: Summer 2012 Internship at the Urban Justice Center in NY!

The Street Vendor Project of the Urban Justice Center is currently seeking interns for the summer of 2012.

The mission of the Street Vendor Project is to advance economic justice and political power among the approximately 15,000 people who sell food and merchandise on the streets and sidewalks of NYC. Vendors, who are primarily recent immigrants and U.S. military veterans, have serious problems: they have been denied access to vending licenses and driven from their vending locations. Fines reach as high as $1,000 per ticket for trivial violations.

The Street Vendor Project of the Urban Justice Center is a membership-based organization that provides legal representation and small business training to individual vendors while organizing them to speak together in one unified citywide movement for justice and respect.

Interns will have the chance to represent vendors in administrative hearings, where you can present evidence and cross-examine police officers. You will also attend organizing meetings and help plan demonstrations, rallies, and other events.

Sounds interesting, right? Find out more at PSLawNet!

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Job o’ the Day: Paid Legal Internship with the Anti-Defamation League in NY!

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Brodsky family have established the Edward Brodsky Legal Internship Program in order to inspire and facilitate the emergence of new young leaders in civil rights law. Edward Brodsky was a well-respected member of the legal community and a passionate leader committed to the furtherance of civil rights law. This internship was created in his memory through the generosity of the Brodsky family.

Brodsky Interns will work in the League’s National Office in New York, NY and will be afforded the opportunity to participate in critical day-to-day legal work on exciting issues on ADL’s docket, including First Amendment issues such as separation of church and state, religious freedom, free speech, as well as civil rights and discrimination issues. Brodsky Interns will engage in legal research and writing under the supervision of ADL attorneys, and be given the opportunity to assist in the preparation of amicus curiae briefs, testimony, model legislation, op-ed submissions and ADL Civil Rights Division publications when appropriate.

Are you a first or second-year law student with a commitment to First Amendment issues? Find out how to apply at PSLawNet!

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Job o’ the Day: Summer 2012 Legal Internship at the Organization for Refuge, Asylum & Migration in San Fran!

ORAM – Organization for Refuge, Asylum & Migration – is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping refugees worldwide who have been forced to flee their home countries due to persecution based on their sexual orientation, gender or gender identity. ORAM provides free legal aid to refugees and help resettle and reintegrate them into safety and works closely with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to improve the adjudication of LGBTI claims for protection.

ORAM also works to better educate not only the general public of the plight of LGBTI refugees, but to train and educate NGOs and institutions worldwide to develop the procedural conditions for LGBTI refugees.

ORAM is seeking highly qualified and dedicated interns to perform a wide range of activities, including extensive research and writing on a variety of issues related to protection for persons fleeing persecution based on gender identity and sexual orientation.

Participants will have the opportunity to work with the foremost human rights advocates in the international community as part of the world’s leading non-profit for LGBTI refugees. Interns will participate in the process of developing, researching, preparing, and generally supporting our advocacy projects.

Interested? Check out the listing at PSLawNet!

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Job o’ the Day: PAID Internship at the Mazzoni Center in Philly!

Mazzoni Center, a nonprofit organization which focuses on the health and wellness needs of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community, is currently accepting applications from first and second year law students for summer internships for the summer of 2012.  The summer program will begin on Tuesday, May 29, 2012, and end on Friday, August 3, 2012.

Mazzoni Center Legal Services provides direct legal assistance to low-income LGBT individuals in a wide range of areas, including elder issues, employment discrimination, family law/parenting issues, name changes, relationship recognition and dissolution, advanced planning, and youth concerns.  Interns will gain familiarity with the unique ways that the legal system addresses the specific needs of the LGBT community.  They will contribute to the mission of the office by ensuring that this community has a voice in the legal system.  We also represent individuals in cases which may have an impact on the status of LGBT rights within Pennsylvania.  Interns will work closely with attorneys on a wide variety of cases, some of which may involve precedent-setting legal issues.

If you’re interested, check out the listing at PSLawNet!

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[Some] Strings Attached: Too Many Requirements for Public Interest Summer Stipends?

by Kristen Pavón

I don’t think so.

However, some students are frustrated by the “abundance of paperwork” and volunteer hours they have to put in to get their check. Some are even going so far as labeling the requirements an exploitation of student labor.

Apparently, some law schools require summer stipend recipients to do between 5 and 10 hours of volunteer work on campus and at fundraising events [to raise dinero for future stipends].

From U.S. News

Many law students and J.D.’s report that their public service internships were fulfilling, and schools’ websites celebrate students’ and alumni’s decisions to serve the public. But some say that the internship applications come with too many requirements, warning aspiring public servants to carefully consider whether to participate. . . .

A student at Cardozo, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, says he didn’t mind the abundance of paperwork he had to fill out to apply for the public interest stipend he received last summer. But as an “already stressed out” 1L, he didn’t think he should have had to do office work for the school and cold call alumni. . . .

[Leslie] Thrope [director of Cardozo’s Center for Public Service Law] says the stipends help students develop legal skills and transform people’s lives, but Cardozo can’t afford to fund them without students volunteering at an annual auction that raises funds for the stipends. “[T]he requirements are right up front when a student chooses to participate,” Thrope says.

In my opinion, offering 10 hours of your time to help out the law school so that another public interest enthusiast can have an opportunity to do good work is not a biggie.

*As an aside, if you do have your heart set on doing public interest work during the summer and have yet to find the bankroll to do so, check out our Summer Funding Page. There are over 50 funding sources listed!

What do you think? Would you apply for a summer stipend with a few strings attached during your 1L year?

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Job o’ the Day: Legal Internship at Human Rights Initiative in Dallas!

Human Rights Initiative is a non-profit located in Dallas, TX that is committed to providing high-quality legal services free of charge to people who have suffered from human rights abuses. HRI is currently seeking full-time legal interns for its Summer internship program.
HRI strives to provide every legal intern with invaluable experience in immigration and nationality law and international human rights issues. Interns will provide support to either the Asylum, Advocacy, or Women and Children’s programs.

Interested? Check out the listing at PSLawNet!

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